How It Works


Fill out the contact form here. Once we receive your form our sales team will reach out to you for additional information and your resellers permit. If you do not here back from us or have questions please reach out to us at



Once we receive all your information we will add your account to our system and start sending you our current deals!



If you like a deal you would like to purchase just reply to the email with the amount of units you would like to order. We will then send you a purchase order with a link to complete your purchase using ACH or Credit Card*.



Once we receive your payment we will prepare and ship your order! We can even put Amazon FBA Labels on your items if you choose**.



Please review our FAQ’s for additional information

If you have questions please reach out to us at

*All credit card transactions will be charged a 3% service fee.

** FBA Labels will be an additional cost of $0.10/item