How do you find products?

We obtain deals from our network of suppliers and send the deals directly to you via email.


Do you sell to the public?

We do not sell to the general public, you must have a business with an active resale permit. After you fill out the quick contact form, a sales team member will reach out to you for additional information and to get your account set up in our system. If you haven’t heard back from our sales department or have any questions you can always reach out to sales@haqinnovations.com for further assistance.


How can I purchase the products I am interested in?

If you are interested in purchasing a product that you received in an email just reply to the email. In the email please reply with the amount of units you would like to purchase. Once we receive your confirmation you will be sent a purchase order with payment instructions. Keep in mind customers ordering entire lots will be given priority. If multiple customers would like to order the entire lot then priority will be given on a first come first serve basis. If no one is purchasing the entire lot the items will be sold from from highest quantity order down until inventory is exhausted.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept ACH, Wire Transfer, and Credit Cards. If using credit cards there will be a 3% service fee added to the invoice.


Is there a MOQ?

Yes and No! There is no general MOQ. The MOQ is determined on an item by item basis. Some items may have an MOQ and others will not. Some items may also be take all lots which will only be sold one customer as one lot.


Who pays for shipping?

The customer is responsible for the shipping charges. If you are shipping directly to Amazon, we can provide you with shipment weight and dimensions and you can send us PDF shipping labels. We will label and ship the product to Amazon at no additional cost. If you are shipping else where we will shop the cheapest rate through multiple carriers and provide you with the best shipping cost. If you are able to get a better shipping rate on your own, you can always send us the labels via a PDF file and we will label and ship to you.


Do you provide FBA Label service?

Yes! If you are using FBA labels we can label your items for you for an additional cost of $0.10/unit. Prior to purchasing the product just tell us that you will be using FBA labels and you would like us to label the items for you.


Am I able to return items that I have purchased?

Unfortunately we do not accept returns. Please make sure you are able to sell the product prior to purchasing.


Are your products brand new?

Yes! we sell brand new items! We do not sell used items, customer returns, or damaged products. We inspect all our products prior to shipping for any damage. If the damage is located after you have already paid for the item we will let you know and refund you for the damaged item.


Can you drop ship directly to my customers?

As of right now we are not drop shipping, this is something we may start in the future. We will let you know if we do start to drop ship.


Can you help me find a specific product?

Just email us at sales@haqinnovations.com and we will try our best to help you find a product you are looking for.